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You have OPTIONS!

Consider this the proverbial “fork in the road”.

It boils down to this:

How would you like to learn?

Choice – A:

Learn from a real life expert!

Much like a Jedi learns from his or her Master, you will have an opportunity to request a 1-on-1 session with a sewing expert. What makes her an expert? Oh, just over 50 years of experience!

(Please note that you’ll have to keep your lightsabers holstered during class).


Choice – 2:

Learn from a video!

Yes, much like today’s youth, you can point, click & watch. We have demos & instructional videos uploaded to our site with plenty more videos in the works so check back often. 


This method may be a better alternative to Learning for you if your shy… or the first 2 digits of your birth year are 20xx.


Choice – D:

Learn by Good ol’ fashioned reading!

Okay, so maybe it’s not so old fashioned because it’s on the inter-webs, but it feels that way sometimes! Visit the Sew Special Ozarks Blog for all kinds of informative tid-bits.


It may not be Charles Dickens but, compared to most other things on the internet, its literary gold!


“My Mother was the 4-H sewing teacher in our home town. She’s the one who introduced me to sewing at the age of 12. Through the years I’ve sewed for the public, had my own studio & taught Pattern Study, Garment Construction & Tailoring at a college for 12 years. During that time I have given private lessons to young & old alike.” 
- Teresa Howard (Owner)

The Secrets of Sewing

Sew Special offers sewing instruction for all ages! 


Private lessons are available in the Sew Special Ozarks studio!

They are come in two hour sessions at $35.00/session.  

If 1-on-1 professional led sewing isn't for you but there's someone in your life who'd love to learn there's good news.

We have Gift Certificates!  

They are $200 for six sessions and the bearer will have a finished project to take home.  

They will learn several basic sewing techniques that will be applied to their project.

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